The Scottish Mountaineering Club

Established in 1889 the Scottish Mountaineering Club has been at the forefront of climbing and mountaineering in Scotland for over 100 years. Members, both past and present, have included many of Scotland's most influential climbers and mountaineers. Find out more.

Meets up-date

Covid restrictions continue to impact the meets programme, but Winter 2022 meets are being organised.

The SMC maintains a webcam and weather station located on top of the CIC hut. Being on the west coast of Scotland and the altitude the hut is situated at the hut is often bombarded by severe storms, especially in winter. The webcam faces the North Face of Ben Nevis, and in the middle of the picture can been seen North East Buttress and The Orion Face.

Updates roughly every 20 minutes

Current Tempeture


Current Windspeed

8 mph N

Todays High


Todays Low


Todays Top Windspeed

27 mph

The SMC offers a diverse number of publications, appealing to all outdoor enthusiasts. Profits from our guidebooks go to the Scottish Mountaineering Trust which is a Scottish-registered charity. Purchasing an SMC publication therefore helps the Scottish mountain environment.

About SMC Publications

We operate five mountain huts open to the public and members of other clubs. These huts are strategically placed near some of the finest Mountaineering areas in Scotland.