Taking the perfect crag shot isn't easy, not only does the crag ideally need to be in appropriate condition, the light needs to be right and it needs to be taken from a suitable perspective.

How can you help?

If you find yourself at a crag with a decent camera, good conditions and nice light, spare a few minutes to take a couple of snaps of the crag. Even better, take a load and we can stitch them together into a mega wide-angle crag shot! When you are back home you can send them in and we can see if they are suitable for any upcoming publications. 

Having a crag shot is also really useful if you climb any new routes, even if it's a crag with existing routes on. This helps us to identify the line, and could even be used in a new updated guide.

The best way to submit new routes to the SMC is to use our website...


You can send your crag shots in to us at publications [at] smc.org.uk, or send us a message on here.

The SMC has been collecting and publishing information about mountains and their climbs since 1890; submitting your new routes to us means that we can continue to produce quality up-to-date guidebooks, and help current and future generations explore and enjoy the Scottish outdoors.