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Meeting/Application Dates

The next Trustee meetings have been arranged for 17th April 2015 and 16th October 2015. The last dates for applications to the Scottish Mountaineering Trust are 31st March 2015 for the April meeting and 30th September 2015 for the October meeting.

About the Trust

The following few paragraphs indicate what we do and what we can provide grants for. Further down the page are links for downloading grant applications forms. Should you wish to make a donation to the Trust, you can contact the Secretary, or make a secure transfer of funds via PayPal by clicking on the Donation Button.

SMT Leaflet

An image of the current Trust's leaflet is available. Contact the SMT should you wish leaflets for distribution.

The Scottish Mountaineering Trust was established by Trust Deed in 1962 by the Scottish Mountaineering Club. The primary object of the Trust, as stated in the Deed, is "to promote and secure the health, education and recreation of members of the public by fostering among them knowledge of the geography, topography, meteorology, biology and geology of and proper technique of movement within mountainous regions of Scotland or elsewhere and an appreciation of their beauty and by affording opportunities for enjoyment of these regions"

Footpath improvements in the Allt a'Mhuilinn, Ben Nevis
(Photo Courtesy Alex Gillespie)

Like all charities, the activities of the Trust are bounded by Government legislation. Any grants made by the Trust must be for charitable purposes. For example, this excludes any applications for the support of expeditions which can be regarded as purely recreational or exploratory. A clear scientific, educational or other charitable purpose would have to be demonstrated. Likewise, no grant can be made for the improvement of premises which are not generally available to the mountaineering community.

Membership of the Trust

Trustees are appointed by the Scottish Mountaineering Club and normally serve for a period of three years. The Chairman is normally the immediate Past-President of the Scottish Mountaineering Club and serves for a period of two years. Additional to the Trustees, there is a Secretary and a Treasurer who are nonvoting officers.

Income of the trust

The Trust's revenue is derived in the main from two main sources:

  1. Publishing guidebooks and other publications on behalf of the Scottish Mountaineering Club and other books connected with the Scottish Hills. The Trust's publication activity is carried on by a wholly owned subsidiary company, Scottish Mountaineering Trust (Publications) Limited. The whole operating surplus of the company is covenanted to the Trust and forms the overwhelming majority of the Trust's income. The trust is also responsible for the administration of the legacy known as Mrs Snart's Bequest, which is solely for assisting mountains safety.
  2. Donations. These are always most welcome and can be of any amount. If a donation is made to us without any conditions it will go into the general fund. If you would like to discuss specifics in connection with a donation then our Hon Secretary would be very pleased to hear from you. Any donation can be kept confidential, if so wished.

Activities of the trust

In order to secure the bulk of its future income, the Trust finances the book production activities of Scottish Mountaineering Trust (Publications) Limited.

The Trust carries out its primary object by making grants to organisation and individuals. By far the largest area of expenditure has been in supporting footpath repair but extensive and continuing support is given to the Mountaineering Council of Scotland for core funding. Large donations have also been made to land purchase appeals by conservation bodies.

Smaller grants have been made to other organisation e.g. to Clubs for renovation of huts. Expedition grants have been made but only in those cases where the applicants have been able to demonstrate a component of scientific or educational objectives.

Examples of the work of the trust

Below are shown the approximate totals of the grants made by the Trust in its major areas of activity in the period 1990-2017.

Footpath Construction and Maintenance: £419,000
Core Funding of Mountaineering Council of Scotland: £215,000
Land Purchase: £68,500
Mountaineering Education and Training: £31,500
Mountain Rescue Equipment and Facilities: £65,000
Support of Expeditions: £32,500
Renovation of Club Huts: £189,000
Other: £277,000
TOTAL £1,297,500

Contact Details:

The Secretary of the Trust, to whom all correspondence should be addressed, is

James D. Hotchkis
The Honorary Secretary
The Scottish Mountaineering Trust
Tradespark Road
IV12 5NF

Tel ( H ) 01667 - 455795
( Wk ) 01667 - 453278

Download Grant Application Forms

There are three forms available for grant applications: a General Form,
A Footpath Form, and an Expedition Form. They are in pdf format and may be printed out for completion and subsequent posting to the Secretary of the Trust, address as above.

Trust Reports:

1998-1999 (Update to 1998-1999 Report)



















The donation link below will take you direct to PayPal, there you can donate whatever amount you wish. We appreciate all donations, large and small.