SMC Apirant's Meet 2022

Location: Raeburn Hut, Laggan, Speyside
Date: 26th Aug 2022 - 18:00 - 28th Aug 2022 - 18:00

The SMC organises an annual aspirant meet in August which offers plenty of rock climbing options. Aspirant meets are particularly aimed at people who don't know any or enough SMC members to support an application for membership. The aspirant meet is designed to enable anyone who is interested in joining the SMC to meet and climb with SMC members. Aspirants don't need to have all the membership requirements but are expected to be well on the way and should be able to second VS for the purposes of the meet. There is a communal meal on the Saturday night.

If you are interested in coming on the aspirant meet contact Alison Coull,

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